retirement planning

“Retirement is no longer the end of a person’s working life and there is no more a ‘gold watch’ moment ahead for us – it has now become simply a point in one’s career at which to stop and review the options for the next stage in life”.

computer keyboard imageRetirement, be it ‘on age’ or early, is a complex process which needs to be researched, considered, and planned for carefully, well in advance.

Retirement planning offers organisations the opportunity to:

  • reward staff who have given good service
  • retain key talent in shortage areas
  • maintain the morale and productivity of those faced with making career and life changing decisions
  • create access to a pool of trained, reliable and known staff, willing to work part time, sessionally or flexibly
  • be seen as an employer of first choice, supporting the development of its workforce at every stage of their career.

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Active Age Planning works with organisations wanting to support their staff by offering an opportunity to plan positively for the next stage of their life, whether they are only considering when and how they will retire, or whether retirement is more immediate.

There are many, many options open for staff on the brink of retirement today, and recent legislation has provided more opportunities and choices for people to work longer, maybe flexibly, or to ‘downshift’ as they approach retirement age. People need to know all the options available to them, and to plan ahead. Active Age Planning’s retirement planning provides this service.

Organisations will benefit from this too

They will be able to demonstrate to staff that they are continuing to invest in them, and show that they value them right up to the end of their employment. Access to retirement planning services can be seen as a key part of an organisation’s benefits and remuneration package.

They will be more likely to retain the services, perhaps on a part time or flexible basis, of staff who are key to the running of the organisation, or who possess hard to replace skills in which the organisation has already invested. Employees who are prepared to work more flexibly may also help the organisation to be more responsive to changes in labour and production markets.

Their succession planning will be more effective. After retirement planning training, staff are often much clearer and more positive about their retirement decisions, which allows organisations to plan for succession over a longer period of time.

Staff morale and commitment to the organisation will be enhanced and maintained right until the last day because they feel more positive about their future plans.

They will be demonstrating a high level of commitment to the welfare of staff, and identifying themselves as “an employer of choice”               

Retirement planning courses – can be provided for groups of any size. Content is very flexible and can be designed according to need.

Retirement planning support – for one to one support or groups of two or three, we can offer any of the elements from our retirement planning courses.


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