redundancy & outplacement

AAP works with organisations across the UK planning redundancy and outplacement programmes, whatever the size of the organisation or programme.

We help to make the change manageable by providing positively focussed planning sessions for staff,  for those already identified for redundancy, or to offer to a wider group of staff from which the organisation is anticipating volunteers will come forward.
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Our quality, tailor made support programmes help an organisation to:

  • maintain its hard won reputation as a good employer
  • maintain morale and productivity in a climate of change
  • retain key skills and develop a more flexible workforce
  • achieve the results it is seeking

Our redundancy/ outplacement services offer a positive agenda, helping participants move on from their current situation to a realistic, achievable, fulfilling and appropriate ‘destination’. This may be a similar post to that previously held, but equally, might be a complete career or role change, self-employment, part time working, or retirement.

We support individuals and groups undertaking this transition using our three phase planning framework:

  1. Survival, where we explore the implications of redundancy and how to cope
    with potential joblessness. We look at the impact of redundancy on the individual as well as more practical aspects such as personal finances/budgeting; state benefits, etc.
  2. Audit, where we identify skills, competencies, qualifications, personal qualities, experience, transferrable skills, preferences, personal and family needs, and help delegates identify realistic and achievable alternative destinations.
  3. Implementation, where we look at, as appropriate to each delegate, how to look for vacancies; what training/support is available; setting up a business; CV building; presentations; interview preparation/skills; dealing with rejection; networking; etc.

What are the benefits of Active Age Planning’s redundancy/outplacement services?

redundundancy and outplacement - your career signStaff will be enabled to make informed decisions—more quickly, more positively and more decisively, and at the same time, feel more valued, enabling the organisation to reach its planning goals with minimal loss of morale and time. As experts in work life planning, we can help staff to look at flexible options within the organisation as well, and enable retention of key skills and knowledge. This can include staff who are considering flexible or early retirement.

What is different about Active Age Planning?

We are independent, focussing only on providing training and support services. We emphatically do not use our training to ‘sell’ or recommend financial products or services. This independence, the quality of our training and our expertise, makes us different from many other redundancy/outplacement providers. We work with organisations of all sizes across the UK – if you are looking at a single redundancy or a large programme, we can help.

Every redundancy programme in every organisation is unique. Our redundancy/ outplacement work is designed to fit the particular organisation, in line with its specific needs and circumstances as well as those of its staff.

  • A programme might begin with a course/seminar where headline issues, set out in our three phase planning redundancy and outplacement - vision signframework, are introduced enabling delegates to begin the process of building a plan to take them forward positively and realistically.
  • This may be followed up, if required, with small group work/ workshops which look at more specific issues, e.g. CV writing and interview preparation and skills, or self employment and setting up a business. Equally, follow up may be around planning for retirement.
  • We believe that most people facing a problem like redundancy have the resources within themselves to achieve a successful outcome – our role is to help them achieve this by giving them the confidence, the skills and the information necessary to reach their goal. The best employers will wish to support their staff facing redundancy – we can help!

Please see the contact us page for details of how to get in touch with us – we will always be happy to talk to you or to come to you and discuss how we can help your organisation