dealing with aggression

Domestic violence
This course focusses on helping staff manage aggressive behaviours encountered in a work place setting.

We tailor the course to meet the specific needs of the delegates with a ‘toolbox’ of various skills and techniques to be used when dealing with difficult or aggressive people, on the phone,man from PP face to face, in meetings and by email.

We design each course to meet the specific needs, culture, arrangements and circumstances of each organisation we work with, so ‘yours will be different’.

This is not a self defence course but about ‘arming’ staff with a range of skills to help them respond assertively to an aggressive customer, client or ‘Joe public’. The course is co-tutored, very practical and interactive in style and suitable for up to a maximum of 12 delegates.

Delegates said:

‘a well run and fun course covering all points necessary to successfully deal with difficult situations’

‘I now feel confident about dealing with difficult people – I have ideas, phrases, strategies and a new set of skills.  Thank you Gail and Hilary’.