about us

road sign - work and lifeActive Age Planning Ltd (AAP) is unique:

  • all our work is bespoke, designed specifically to realise the outcomes specified by each client
  • AAP is independent: we are not tied to or associated with any financial, legal or other organisation leaving us free to focus entirely on the needs of our clients.
  • we are specialists: our business is all about supporting people through work-life change.  We have the skills, experience, qualifications and knowledge to make that transition successful, comfortable and right for the individual.
  • we provide solutions across the UK, for organisations both large and small, for whole workforces and for individual members of staff.

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Benefits to organisations:

Our services can provide solutions to many problems and challenges. We can help to generate key information about staff plans for retirement, increase the take up of voluntary redundancy, support the introduction of more flexible working arrangements—all critical for successful workforce, succession and recruitment planning-more information about our services 

Solution focussed:

We believe that there is a solution, within the organisation, to every problem. We can help to unlock those solutions. Find out some of the ways we have worked with organisations to help them find the solutions they needed.

The very best people:

Our two directors, Hilary and Gail, oversee all of the work of AAP.  The other members of the team are associate directors David and Tim. AAP also work with a range of specialist training associates and as appropriate, a network of local solicitors and IFAs.  This means that AAP can meet any need, be it for a one off piece of work with an individual, to a full scale, whole organisation programme—and anything else in-between.

Find out more about Hilary, Gail, David and Tim.